Beauty & Truth Anti-aging Cream Review, Truth or SCAM?

Beauty & Truth Anti-aging Cream Review, Truth or SCAM?

Beauty & Truth Anti-aging Cream Review, Truth or SCAM?

The Beauty & Truth skin care line caught my attention recently because I keep stumbling upon their ads for trial offers as I’m researching other creams.

Specifically the Beauty & Truth Erase/Repair HA Anti-Aging Cream, Beauty & Truth Renewing Serum CE, and the Beauty & Truth Wrinkle Rewind Anti-Aging Cream.

You think you’re ordering one cream (for example Nue Vitality), and the link takes you to a sales page for Beauty & Truth – the classic bait and switch.

Beauty & Truth Erase/Repair HA and other Beauty & Truth products are anti-aging treatments offered by way of a trial, where many unsuspecting customers sign up thinking it is free, when it’s only “free” for the trial period.

Beauty & Truth Trial Review
Beauty & Truth Renewing Serum CE advertisement
How does the Beauty & Truth Free Trial Work?

Beauty & Truth offers a 15 day trial. If you accept the trial offer (day 1 is the day you order it), on the 15th day you’ll be billed $88.49 for the Beauty & Truth Renewing Serum CE, or $98.71 for the Beauty & Truth Erase/Repair HA.

You’ll then be automatically enrolled in their auto-ship, auto-rebill arrangement and be sent new product every 30 days thereafter and billed accordingly.

This is the nature of most of the “free trials” you see for anti-aging products online today, and they’ve popped up in the hundreds over the past several years.

Many of these creams offer an extremely short term trial period – 12 or 14 days, in this case it’s 15 days. In my opinion not enough time to try it.

Personally I don’t recommend any trial products unless they are 30 day trials, and there’s only a couple that I like from legitimate manufacturers which I’ve been recommending long before the plethora of these scam-esque free trial products reared their ugly head.

Beauty & Truth Anti-aging Creams – Do they Even Work?

Beauty & Truth Erase Repair HA Scam
Typical claims from creams like Beauty & Truth
Do the Beauty & Truth Anti-aging products actually do what they claim? Are there clinical trials of the ingredients they use to back up their claims?

Do they even LIST their ingredients? Or are the Beauty & Truth products just trumped up, average moisturizers?

They love to post the stats that out of several hundred women, 84% had a decrease in wrinkles, 95% increase in collagen production, 73% decrease in appearance of dark circles, etc.

But these are just WORDS. Unless they are backed up by actual, clinical trials these stats mean absolutely nothing.

Beauty & Truth Hollywood Secret
Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret? All these creams use this picture in their ads.
Beauty & Truth make large claims such as “better than botox” and “Amazing New Hollywood Secret.”

The truth is, every single one of these bogus free trial creams use the same, fabricated claims to sell their products, along with many of the same pictures of fake before and after results.

Beauty & Truth don’t list their ingredients, they only mention it being an “advanced skincare technology” using “patented ingredients.”

If those ingredients were patented – you can bet your a** they would be linking to their clinical trials of real, scientific results.

I haven’t found any evidence that Beauty & Truth contains any cutting edge anti-aging ingredients that would be worth the price they’re charging, therefore it’s my belief that products such as these are just average moisturizers.

Why do I Keep Stumbling Upon Trial Offers for Beauty & Truth?

Every day I receive emails from upset women asking if I can help them find a phone number for a wrinkle cream who has scammed them out of $100’s, and so I start my research to find the phone number (I actually have a spreadsheet with over 100 creams and phone numbers).

beauty & truth erase/repair ha
Beauty & Truth Erase/Repair HA
Today, a woman emailed me looking for a phone number for Nue Vitality Anti-aging cream so she could cancel the trial she thought was free, after having been billed. And what did I find?

None of the links work anymore for Nue Vitality and most of them flip (or bait and switch you) to a free trial offer for either Beauty & Truth Renewing Serum CE, or Beauty & Truth Erase/Repair Anti-Aging Cream.

This link flipping is just one tell tale sign of a company who is here today and will be gone tomorrow. Tru Belleza is another cream that’s now flipping to Beauty & Truth.

Companies like Beauty & Truth have no real interest in making a good anti-aging product. Their interest lies in collecting that full payment of $98 on the 14th day when the free part of the trial is up.

I answer emails every day from women who have been scammed and desperate to contact these companies which have just gone “poof” into thin air.

Even if you try to find their contact info on the BBB, they often use a different company name to bill you under making it difficult, and sometimes impossible to reach them.

How to Cancel a Trial of Beauty & Truth

Beauty & Truth Terms and Conditions
Beauty & Truth Terms and Conditions
If you find yourself in a position where you’ve accepted a trial offer of Beauty & Truth and wish to cancel, you need to call them, cancel your trial and ask them not to ship you any more product.

Maybe you thought it was free, and you completely missed their terms and conditions which spell it all out, which is usually the case.

Either way, the truth of the matter is, when you agreed to their shipping and handling costs and entered your credit card info, you were agreeing to their terms and conditions way down at the bottom of the page, virtually hidden.

You probably won’t be able to get any sort of refund if you’re past the 15 day mark (and remember day 1 is the day you order it). But you still need to call and cancel or they’ll keep sending and billing.

Please don’t email me to request to cancel your order – I’m not a cream company. I wish I could help you but I merely write reviews of beauty products. In the case of Beauty & Truth, it’s more of a warning or buyer beware.

Here is Beauty & Truth’s Contact Info:

Beauty & Truth Returns
415 Bussen Underground Road
St. Louis, MO 63129
Phone is (866) 710-5109
Email is:

Conclusion & Recommendation

Beauty & Truth before and after
Beauty & Truth Before and After Photo. Note at the top says “graphically enhanced to show results”
I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that it’s obvious that I do not recommend Beauty & Truth. I do not recommend agreeing to any trial that is 12, 14 or even 15 days.

This is not enough time to receive the product and determine whether you like it or not, and these creams are not worthy of their high price tag.

The sad fact is, all of these short-term trial “scammy” cream companies are the same.

They use the same ads, the same pictures, the same misleading quotes of it being a “miracle cream” or “better than botox” and swear that it’s Hollywood’s secret.

I can assure you that no one in Hollywood is using ANY of these creams, and it ain’t no secret.

Also beware of ANY and ALL creams that show pictures of celebrities such as Katie Courig, Ellen Degeneres, Christie Brinkley, and especially Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz does not make an actual anti-aging product. Any quotes you see by Dr. Oz in a cream advertisement is fake. He is the MOST plagiarized person on the internet.

You can read more about avoiding scams in my full Investigative Report.

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